Welcome to Website of State High School 110 Jakarta

This is the official page of SMAN 110 Jakarta. This site is expected to be a medium of information for students, parents and guardians, as well as alumni on various activities at State High School 110 Jakarta.

There are many announcements that you can see and also various activities in the form of photos and videos at State High School 110. For a variety of information on the latest school activities, You can see in the segment of NEWS.

To see school data, You can visit the page SMAN PROFILE 110. There will get various info about history, school physical data, teachers ’data, and administrative requirements. A special page is also available for LEARNING (e-learning) intended for high school students 110 at various levels (completing process).

State High School 110 North Jakarta. Jalan Bendungan Melayu No.80 RT009/05 Kel. Tugu Selatan Kec. Koja Jakarta14260. Tel (021) 4350059. Email: admin@sman110.sch.id

High School Event Agenda 110

  Download the SMAN academic activities plan 110 here