Code of Conduct

Rules in Protecting the Environment

  • Every school member is required to look after and care for the plants in the school environment.
  • Every school member is required to care about waste by disposing of garbage in its place.
  • The picket officers are required to clean the classroom and the surrounding environment. If the task is not carried out, the picket team will be sanctioned to clean the classroom and the surrounding area.
  • Every school member eats properly (cafeteria / dining room) and maintain cleanliness.
  • Every school member is required to maintain the cleanliness of the school and the school environment.

Order in Efforts to Efficient Use of Water, electricity, Stationery and plastics

  • Every school member is required to save energy by turning off room lights and turning off fans or air conditioners if not needed and using solar energy sources for lighting and wind.
  • Every school member is required to conserve water use by using water according to their needs and turning off the water tap if not needed.
  • Every school member is advised to save on the use of stationery and paper by using refill and used paper.
  • Every school member is required to reduce the use of tools / materials that cannot be recycled such as plastic and stereoform.

Toilet Rules

  • Use Water As Needed.
  • Use enough liquid soap.
  • Turn off the water tap before exiting the toilet.
  • Turn off the lights when not in use.
  • Dispose of garbage in the space provided.
  • Clean the sanitary napkin before throwing it in the trash.
  • Do not use tissue.
  • Flush the closet until clean.
  • Make sure the toilet is clean before exiting the toilet room.

Canteen Regulations

  • Don't use plates, glass, and disposable plastic spoons.
  • Dispose of garbage in the space provided (organic and non-organic tubs).
  • The owner of the canteen is responsible for maintaining cleanliness and comfort in the canteen.
  • The canteen owner carries out pickets in the canteen area according to the daily picket schedule.
  • Do not sell cigarettes or provide smoking areas.
  • During Dhuhur, there are no buying and selling transactions, all obligatory congregational prayers, stumbling students gather in the class provided to follow the construction. Non-Muslim students hold services together

Classroom Rules

  • Students Raise Their respective Stools on the Table After the Teaching and Learning Activities End.
  • Picket Officers Clean Classroom from Dust, Garbage, and Spider's Nest.
  • The picket officer turns off the lights and fans after the KBM ends.
  • Not Permitted to Dispose of Trash in the Table Drawer.
  • Students Bringing Food and Drinks Do not Use Disposable Containers.
  • Maintaining and Maintaining Classroom Cleaning Equipment.
  • Arranging Chairs and Tables to Look Neat.
  • Arrange the Scriptures and Books in the Cupboard or Arrange the Scriptures on the Teacher's Table.
  • Does not Dirt the Chair, Table, Door, or the classroom wall with a pen, Cat, Marker, Or Type-X.
  • Maintaining Beauty, Cleanliness, and Classroom and Class Terrace Tidiness.
  • Students Violating Rules Subject to Sanctions for Cleaning the Classroom or School Environment.
  • Unclean classrooms will be sanctioned to carry out ant operations in the school environment.