obituary, Mrs. Siti Farida (Indonesian Language Teacher) Die

Innalilahi wa Innailaihi Rojiun. Has passed away a colleague, friend, the teachers we love, Mrs. Dra. Siti Farida on Monday morning, 9 December 2013. The body of the deceased was buried this afternoon at TPU Budi Dharma. May the deeds of worship be accepted by Him. Aamiin.

Dra. Siti Farida Trikorawati

Photo of the deceased during his lifetime

During his life, Ibu Farida teaches Indonesian Language and Literature subjects for class X students. Sometimes he also actively accompanies the choir team's piano when singing Indonesia Raya during the flag ceremony. Mrs. Farida's condition recently worsened, in connection with cancer that is eating away at his body.

We, as colleagues, really feel lost for the departure of Mrs. Farida. To high school students and alumni 110, please forgive if there are words and deeds that are less pleasing than the deceased. Please offer prayers and also support for the family and friends who are left behind.

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