Coaching Clinic Writing questions on USBN MGMP Mathematics 2019

Date 23 January 2019 then, Mrs. Tatiek Purwianingsih, M.Pd. as a subject teacher (course) High School Mathematics 110 participating in the Subject Teacher Meeting (MGMP) Mathematics at SMAN 92. Besides Mrs. Tatiek, total 56 Other mathematics teachers from various other schools in the Territory of North Jakarta Territory Education Office 2 was also present at the event.

The activity was opened by the SMAN Curriculum Representative 92 Jakarta and continued with the provision of material by the resource person, Mr. Drs. Marti Budiono (Principal of high school 53) and Mr. Drs. Heryanto (Principal of SMAN 4). Next, The participants were divided into groups to make compulsory math questions (Science major, Social Studies and Language) and Specialization Mathematics. Activities close at 15.00 WIB.

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