Online Joint Prayer Before US Implementation 2021

As usual, before approaching the implementation of the School Test (US), at Public High School 110 held joint prayer activities for all class XII students as well as teachers and employees so that the US implementation could run smoothly. In a time of pandemics like this, Prayer together is done online (offline) from their respective homes.

prayer with SMAN online 110 US implementation 2021

Activities take place on Fridays, the date 19 March 2021 using the Zoom Cloud Meeting platform. Prayer together led by Drs. Edi Mawardi for Muslim students and teachers. As for Mr. Fatizanolo Warasi, M.Pd.K guides the implementation of prayers for non-Muslim students.

In addition to holding Joint Prayer activities, also performed simulations of US implementation, especially the attendance procedures for students. For teachers and supervisors, Simulation activities also really need to be done to monitor the readiness of students in the morning before implementing US activities.

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