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Joint Prayer Ahead of Class XII Assessment and Isra Commemoration’ Mi'raj

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On Friday, the date 10 March 2023, o'clock 07.00 PM GMT, State High School 110 Jakarta held a joint prayer activity for class XII students who will take part in the school summative assessment. The event took place at the Miftahul Ulum Mosque (school mosque) and followed by all students, teacher, and employees. After the prayer was said together, The event continued with shaking hands between teachers and students.

After a short pause, approximately for an hour, the event continued with the commemoration of Isra’ Mi'raj. The MCs in this activity are Alfrino and Agnia, both are students of grades X-D of the school year 2022-2023. The event opened with speeches and was then filled with performances of chain poems and hadrah. Acting as a speaker in this commemoration activity was Ustadz Ali Mansyur, M.Pd..

In addition to providing material on the importance of prayer as a solution to problems faced by Muslims, Ustadz Ali Mansyur also recited the tahrib prayer ahead of the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan.

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