Common Prayer Ahead of US / USBN Implementation 2017

On Tuesday, the date 14 March 2017 then, XII grade students of SMAN 110 hold joint prayer activities in the field in SMAN 110. This activity is carried out in the context of the mental preparation of students to take the National Standard National Examination (USBN).

As we all know together, for this year the results from the US / USBN will determine the graduation of students at SMAN 110. Setelah doa bersama, acara dilanjutkan dengan meminta maaf dan memohon ridho kepada para guru di SMAN 110 Jakarta agar dapat lancar menempuh ujian.

doa bersama USBN SMAN 110

Kegiatan US/USBN akan berlangsung pada tanggal 15 s.d. 23 March 2017. For more complete photos, You can visit the following link:

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