Edufair Years 2018 at SMAN 110 Jakarta

At the date of 20 and 21 Last December, at Public High School 110 organizing Edufair activities (Education Exhibition) at SMAN 110 Jakarta. More or less approx 11 Private campuses joined in the event. They hold a bazaar as well as provide education to students who are interested in the profile of each campus.

edufair SMAN 110

The activity was opened with remarks from several campuses and also from the Head of SMAN 110, Ms. Tuti Maryati, M.Pd. After that, the event was continued with the release of balloons as a symbol that the event had started. The opening ceremony was attended by SMAN students 110 and invited guests from various schools.

Apart from bazaars and outlets, there is also a career planning seminar on the theme: “Career Planning in the Industrial Age 4.0” by Kurnia Fitriani, B.Comm, M.Si from the Nusantara Business Institute. This theme is very actual for today's young generation because they will enter a career ladder where the internet is of thinngs (IOT) to be the center.

Several campuses involved in Edufair 2018 at Public High School 110 is:

  1. Trisakti Tourism College
  2. Nusantara Business Institute
  3. Kalbis Institute
  4. Wiyatamandala School of Business
  5. Interstudi
  6. London School of Public Relations
  7. LP3I
  8. Bunda Mulia University
  9. STIAMI Institute
  10. Yarsi
  11. STMIK Indo Daya Suvana

More complete photos of activities can be seen at the following link:
Facebook Album SMAN 110

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