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Teacher's Day 2021 at Public High School 110

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As we all know together, National Teacher's Day was set by President Soeharto on 25 November 1994. As usual, every school throughout Indonesia participated in this celebration, including the big family of SMA 110 Jakarta. Teacher's Day commemoration is held offline at school and online which is attended by all SMAN students 110 via Zoom Meeting. The activity opened with the implementation of a flag-raising ceremony carried out by SMAN teachers 110 Jakarta.

teacher's day 110 year 2021

Also joined by representatives of the School Committee and students from each class. Not all students can attend school because the situation is still in the pandemic period, so crowd restrictions are still in place. The next event is the cutting of the cone with the principal, Mr. Sriyono, M.Pd., M.Si., and Chair of the School Committee, Mr. Tri Timbul Prasubakti, S. Kom, in the SMAN hall room 110 Jakarta.

Photo of the complete activity
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