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State High School Accreditation Results 110 2016

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In late October 2016 then, at Public High School 110 the team had arrived from the National Accreditation Board for Schools / Madrasas (BAN-S / M) in the context of the school accreditation process. Alhamdulillah, praise the Almighty God, the results of the accreditation have come out.

Based on the Decree of the Chairperson of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Accreditation Number 417 / BAP-S / M / DKI / 2016, State High School 110 get value 94 with predicate A. This result can be achieved, of course, thanks to the hard work of all parties in SMA Negeri 110, be it teacher, the employee, and students.

Accreditation is an attempt by the government to evaluate the quality of education delivery from a national scale agency. The assessment criteria refer to the eight components of the National Education Standards for SMA / MA education units (Permendiknas Number 52 Year 2008).

The results of the Accreditation Decision can be seen in the following link:

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