Mrs. Romlah, Former Head of SMAN 110, Die

Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings, Greetings to all of us.

Obituary. Innalillahi wa innailaihi rajun. Has returned to Rahmatullah, Mrs. Romlah, S.Pd., M.M., on Wednesday, the date 23 December, o'clock 13.00 WIB. May the deceased be placed in a glorious place with Allah and may the family left behind be given patience. Aamiin ya rabbal alamin.

romlah sman 110

Mrs. Romlah herself served as the Head of the Public High School 110 Jakarta for the period 2015 s.d. 2018, before finally transferring to SMAN 84. Over there, he is also believed to be the Principal since the year 2018 until now. The condition of the last deceased was treated at Sari Asih Hospital, Karawaci, before finally dying.

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