Info on Mutations Stage III Even Semester

Schedule of Movements

Activity Time
Announcement of Empty Benches 18 January 2021
Registration 19-29 January 2021
Selection 1 February 2021
Announcement 2 February 2021
Report yourself 2 February 2021

*) Students who do not report are considered resigning


Quota bench information is empty
X IPA = 1
X IPS = 5
XI IBB = 4


Registration Terms

  1. Legalized photocopy of junior high school diploma
  2. Photocopy of report card last semester
  3. Photocopy of accreditation certificate of origin school
  4. Photocopy of school operational permit (from a private school)

*) Requirements are completed after students have passed the selection. If until the deadline specified students do not submit the complete requirements, considered resigning.


Test Selection Schedule

Day / Date Time Program
1 February 2021 07.00
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
Biology Sociology B. English
11.00 Physics The economy Sastra.Ind
Chemistry Geography Anthropology

Selection assessment weight:

  • 50% Report
  • 50% Test results
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