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Information on New Student Admissions (PPDB) 2009 State High School 110 Jakarta

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Based on the Regulation issued by the Head of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Education Office no 327 year 2009, Naming New Student Admissions or commonly known as PSB, has now changed to New Student Admission (PPDB). PPDB process is still the same as before, that is, it takes place online. For junior high school graduates who on 13 July 2009 max age 21 years and have SKHUN SMP/SMPLB/MTs or Diploma Package B or SKYBS can follow this PPDB process.

Prospective New Students register at the public school closest to their place of residence (according to the destination school). Technical instructions for registration can be downloaded here, or seen in PPDB website. The schedule for the PPDB SMA registration flow is as follows::

Execution process
PPDB registration stage I
1-3 July 2009
Announcement of PPDB Phase I
4 July 2009
PPDB Phase I Self Report
4, 6, 7 July 2009
Announcement of vacant places and
PPDB Phase II Registration
9-10 July 2009
PPDB Phase II Announcement
10 July 2009
Self-Report PPDB Phase II
11 July 2009


Announcement of selection results can be seen in real time on the website or via a realtime SMS service with the format SMS < space > NO PARTY sent to No 9388 (all operators).

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