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T.A's Odd PAS Schedule. 2021-2022

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In connection with the impending end of the odd semester of the school year 2021-2022, at Public High School 110 as usual will conduct end -of -semester assessment activities (NOT) for students. The following is the schedule of PAS activities that will take place on 23 November s.d. 01 December 2021.

odd pass schedule 2021-2022 at Public High School 110


  1. PAS participants must wear uniforms according to the day of the exam
  2. PAS participants and parents always coordinate with the homeroom teacher regarding the conditions of the PAS Online implementation schedule so you don't miss it (on schedule)
  3. PAS participants work on questions at home under parental supervision, evidenced by photos while working on exam questions ( or you can also download the time stamp application so that the time and place appear) and sent to their respective homeroom teachers via the class group WA
  4. PAS participants must follow the PAS Online schedule according to the schedule and if there is a delay in logging in, no time extension will be given
  5. PAS participants prepare PAS equipment, twenty (20) minutes before PAS starts at their respective homes (Lap Top/ hand phone, internet quota and folio paper for answer sheets for description questions).
  6. Implementation of online PAS using the Googleclassroom application , and 5 minutes before the test, a new question will be released.
  7. PAS participants pray before and after working on the questions
  8. If during implementation there are unclear questions and obstacles , can be discussed in google classroom (There will be a special room for discussion later).
  9. Instructions for doing Essay questions ,
    1. questions are done on lined folio paper, give your identity on the paper;
    2. after finishing working on essay questions, photo of the work, name the file:
    3. then upload a photo of the work.
  10. The PAS Online system will close automatically if the time provided according to the schedule runs out of processing time . So take the time , according to a predetermined schedule
  11. In the implementation of PAS, we still prioritize character education, so it is recommended:
    1. Not gathering in one place at the same time
    2. Do not give or receive assistance in answering questions to or from anyone in any way
    3. No browsing
    4. Not substituted or replaced by others
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