Champion 2 LPSN Regional Education Sub-Department 2 North Jakarta

Alhamdulillah, thank God for the presence of God. At the National Student Research Competition event (LPSN) held by the Regional Education Service Tribe 2 North Jakarta, at Public High School 110 managed to get the title of second winner in the field of Social Humaria. This activity itself was held on December 24 and 25 July 2019, and attended by all SMA in the Sub-district area 2 North Jakarta.

at Public High School 110 Juara II lomba LPSN 2019 Sudin JU2

The activity lasts for 2 (two) hari di Jakarta Islamic Center (JIC). On the first day, para peserta diberikan seminar sekaligus bimbingan tentang bagaimana menjadi peneliti muda dan cara menulis yang baik untuk menjadi seorang peneliti. On the second day, pelaksanaan lomba dan presentasi karya tulis.

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