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Absolute happiness, Short Stories By Sheila Alya

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Absolute Happiness
Sheila Alya

sheila alya class XII language 2022-2023

Every human being has a different sense of happiness. Anyone can reach their happy peak just because of earning ten thousand money on the road, there are also those who can reach their peak just because they can safely get home after a long day of work. There are small to big things that can easily make a person happy, according to one person that is enough, according to others not necessarily.

So, happiness means a lot of, can't be hit equally, Rogue fully understands that.

But, since childhood, Rogue always assumed that being happy is simple. Past, Rogue could immediately reach the absolute point of her happiness if she was brought in sweet martabak by her father after she returned home from work. Past, Rogue can be happy all day right away if her whole family gathers for a whole day at home, spending time together.

So, to reach the absolute point of his happiness is simple, for Rogue. It's as simple as when looking at the message given by Shaquille, His girlfriend, who was on the other side of the continent that he would soon make a video call against her.

Shaquille's face was clearly visible on the screen of his phone when Rogue picked up his phone. “How was today, dear?”

Rogue didn't even have time to hide the beautifully painted red tinge on her cheeks when she heard Shaquille ask about her day, he immediately tried to disfigure himself, at least in the presence of Shaquille.

Guys you just ask but why are you hot!!! His inner screaming. Shaquille on the other side laughed at the sight of Rogue's cheeks flushed.

Shaquille's smile imprinted on his face grew wider as he watched Rogue try to keep himself busy more and more. If it's like this, it feels like Shaquille just wants to go home and leave his job.

You are cute.” he said with a smile. His too wide a smile caused his eyes to close, eye smile, if the word Rogue.

Rogue smiled. “Even though the funny thing is you all along.” The retort is re-teasing. Shaquille burst into laughter on the other side when he heard the thing just mentioned by Rogue.

Shaquille brought his face closer to his phone screen, he then stared at Rogue's black netra which sparkled like the beads rogue liked to buy every time they went out together.

I still remember the first day we met.” Shaquille positioned his hand under his chin, sustaining it yourself.

I wish I could be there with you right now.”

Rogue felt her ears turn bright red when she heard the remarks coming out of Shaquille's lips suddenly without warning that night. “Why suddenly discuss the past?” Rogue asked while following the same thing done by Shaquille.

Shaquille and Rogue had already agreed that they would pretend to never remember the past, when they were still not lovers. If it is called by today's term, it's called PDKT.

Yes, it just suddenly came across my mind. I still remember how beautiful you are when I see you smile back at me. Even though we were both at that time again ospek, but I'm really keen I'm really sorry, you Guns Completely. It's really beautiful in fact.” Shaquille rubbed her hair slowly.

“Those days are precious, our PDKT days are very precious.” The tone is emphasized in the last sentence, ensuring that he can tell Rogue that he did miss those times.

The twenty-one-year-old woman laughed at the hearing. “What the hell?? Even though you are really saucy when you see when it is, I want to bales your smile.”

“Yes period?”

“Yes, actually, you know. You are handsome. Keep looking clean.”

Suddenly, the look on Shaquille's face changed when he heard Rogue's statement. “Means that I'm ugly, you Not mau bales?” The question was asked. The hand he had originally stacked on his chin, moved place to his lips. Shaquille began to nibble small on her fingernails.

The seeing Rogue pursed her lips small. In his mind came the ignorant thought of pranking his lover. “Yes,. Sorry yes, I'm a woman who sees face first rather than nature.” Rogue flicked her hair lightly when answering Shaquille's question.

“Seriously, baby?” Ask the adam, even if it's just passing through the screen and virtual only, Rogue could already tell that Shaquille's brown netra was almost filled with tears.

Hearing it, Rogue instantly couldn't help laughing. “HAHAHAHAHA YES, NO TIME. I love you from the beginning…” Rogue answers her question. Inwardly, he hoped much that the answers he gave could appease the one on the other side there.

Then they were both silent.

They both dwelt, busy staring at each other's faces past each other's phone screens, accompanied by the soft-paced music played by Shaquille from the very beginning of their video call. The music entered their eardrums, the more it makes them focus on falling deeper into each other's sense of sight.

“I'm again making Sweaters for you, Shaq.”

After almost five minutes of silence, busy researching each other's facial features; where in fact the two people have memorized each, Rogue finally broke the ropes of silence.

“It means?”

“Yes, I again make Sweaters for you.”


Like this, not what Shaquille meant to doubt his lover. Not really, anyway what to doubt it for? Shaquille fully believes that if Rogue wants something, he can definitely do it. However, the article, the beauty of the heart never set foot in the kitchen. Especially since the two of them lived apart, Shaquille in Europe and Rogue in Jakarta. Rogue never set foot in the kitchenette that was in the apartment that belonged to the two of them.

“Uh you ngeraguin I?”

“That's not what it means, dear..”

Then, suddenly Rogue lifted a blue knit sweater that had the image of the letter R in the middle.

“This, good nope?” He said.

Shaquille laughed. This lover of his is very full of surprises, even when they are on different continents. Then, Shaquille nodded slowly. Agreeing with what was revealed by his woman a while ago. “Yes, good, dear.”

Thank you for that, handsome. But, I'm sorry if Not exactly. I made this use an example of your dress size left here.. later if Guns load me bongk-.”

“Uh what the hell Guns, definitely fit. I don't add weight loss here, for missing you. If you're here maybe even Adds.” Shaquille cuts off Rogue's remarks.

Shaquille knew very well that his lover was always thinking too much. Many times because of his bad habits it results in things they don't like to happen.

I'm pretty sure it would fit on me. Wait for me at home, yes?”

Okay, I will wait for you here.”

There are very many absolute forms of happiness of a person that can be created by small things or big things. Good Rogue, Good Shaquille, they both fully understood that understanding of the notion.

Before meeting Rogue, Shaquille always assumed that happiness could not be achieved easily. He had to go through all sorts of trials involving sweat and blood in it, after he made it through that, he will only get his happiness. Shaquille since childhood has always believed that.

However, after he meets with Rogue, Shaquille was taught that happiness will be easy to get if a person begins to be grateful for what is around him.

Since meeting Rogue, Shaquille believes that reaching his absolute happy point is simple. It's as simple as knowing the fact that Rogue stayed there, in their homes, waiting for her to return home to his arms.

And they've both reached the absolute point of their happiness.

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