Economic MGMP activities at SMAN 48 Year 2020

In connection with the end of the management of the Subject Teacher's Deliberation (MGMP) The economy, the organizers held MGMP activities as well as the election of the new MGMP chairman for DKI Jakarta Economy. The event took place at SMAN 48 at the date of 28 January 2020. From SMAN 110, the teacher who represented was Mrs. Heni Irmawati, S.E., S.Pd. who is also a professor of Economics.

Election of Head of the Jakarta MGMP Chair 2020

The results of the election are, Mr. Drs. Kasmadi was elected as chair of the Jakarta MGMP last year 2020. Besides the chairman election, MGMP activities are also filled with question and surgery coaching preparation for School Examination questions (US). Acting as the performers in the MGMP activities were Drs. Deni Boy, M.M. and Mr. Drs. either. N. Utomo.

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