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Still in an atmosphere of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic, at Public High School 110 this time we have to carry out the activities of the Introduction to the School Environment (MPLS) online to new students of the school year 2020-2021. Even so, the new students were quite enthusiastic about this activity.

The activity lasts for 3 (three) the day followed by all the new students from their respective homes. On the first day,13 July 2020, students get a SMAN profile 110, where students gain knowledge on how to implement KBM in SMAN 110 and also a description of the various facilities in the school environment.

On the second day, 14 July 2020, the students received material on coaching and also motivation from Mr. Amin, S.T.. as an education consultant. Next, students get impressions about the profiles of the new participants from each class and also the homeroom teacher who will accompany them during class X.

On the third day, 15 July 2020, new students get questions about the profiles of teachers and employees at SMAN 110. Then, followed by impressions from the SMAN Curriculum 110 regarding the learning mechanism at SMAN 110. After that, introduction to various extracurricular activities at SMAN 110 as well as the introduction of OSIS and MPK managers.

This activity was broadcast live and was followed by all students, teacher, and SMAN employees 110 Jakarta. Although there are various shortcomings here and there, this MPLS event can go well.

Published on 15/07/2020   |   Writing categories High school activities 110