Natural Meditation Activities 2019

This year, at Public High School 110 re-enact the activities of Tafakur Alam (TA). The activity took place at SMAN 110 and run for three days, ie from date 13 s.d 15 September 2019. TA itself is a routine activity of Rohis SMAN extracurricular activities 110 and aims to increase the faith and devotion of students of SMAN 110. This activity is also a means of recruiting Rohis administrators for the next period.

TA 2019 at Public High School 110

TA is filled with various positive activities, such as memorizing verses and tadarus al-quran , educational games, the creative performance of the participants, dhuha prayer, and tahajud prayers. other than that, every morning the students do sports together in the field in the school followed by breakfast together.

More complete photos of activities can be seen at the following link:
Facebook Album

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