MGMP of Sociology at SMAN 92 January 2019

On Monday, the date 21 January 2019, Mrs. Sri Suhartini, S.Pd., Subject teacher (course) Public High School Sociology 110, attend the Subject Teachers' Meeting (MGMP) Sociology in State High School 92, North Jakarta.

This activity was organized by the MGMP of Sociology and the Education Office (Sudin) North Jakarta region 2. Participants who attended were the sociology subject teachers of public and private high schools in the North Jakarta area 2.

Acting as a speaker in these activities, Mr. Sri Yono, M.Si., who is also the head of the JU Regional Sociology MGMP 2. He explained the material on how to make questions that were standardized on USBN and UNBK, also dissects USBN louvers.

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