Implementation of Isra Mikraj and Passover 2021

On Thursday, the date 8 April 2021, at Public High School 110 carry out Isra Mikraj commemoration activities for Muslim students and Easter celebrations for Christian students. Activities are carried out online using the Zoom Cloud Meeting platform with a breakout room feature so that group division becomes easier.

easter and isra mikraj 2021 at Public High School 110 Jakarta

At first, All students both Muslim and non-Muslim are in the same room. Over there, Headmaster, Ms. Tuti Maryati, M.Pd, give a welcome to the implementation of activities, at the same time opening the way.

Next, entering the commemoration of Isra Mikraj and the celebration of Passover, Zoom breakout feature is enabled so that students can enter their respective rooms to perform Isra Mikraj and Paskah separately.

Bima Abulkhair isra mikraj SMAN 110 year 2021

At the commemoration of Isra Mikraj, also present was Mr. Zaeni Romas, Islamic Religious Supervisor. He gave a little introduction before the talk show started. Then, Ustd Bima Abulkhair Ammar, Lc. giving Isra Mikraj talks with themes “Together with Adversity, there are facilities”.

the celebration of Easter 2021 Public High School 110

For the celebration of Easter, the activity has a theme “Iluminating the Whole World”. Present as a speaker at the Easter celebration, Saudara FX Obed. Also attending were non-Muslim teachers in this virtual room accompanying the students in carrying out the celebration activities.

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