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Implementation of P5: Digitizing National and Regional Betawi Songs

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Program for the implementation of the Pancasila Student Profile Strengthening Project in State High Schools 110 Jakarta enters the final part in the odd semester of the learning year 2022/2023. This project raised the theme of Engineering and Technology to Build the Republic of Indonesia. The title as implementation in this project is “Digitization of Betawi's National and Regional Compulsory Songs”.

The national songs selected for digitization are:

Betawi signature songs chosen to be digitized are:

The project is implemented in several stages, Starting from determining songs and groups, Create musical accompaniment, Share song lyrics for singers, Combining rhythm and practice, Then proceed with the recording process. In the implementation of the recording, several students were given assignments on different song lyrics and then put together.

digitization of SMAN songs 110 Jakarta

After the recording process is complete, The activity continued with making video clips. The making of the music video was actually directed by the Principal of a State High School 110 Mr. Sriyono, M.Pd., M.Si. to use a location at the school or an outside location but close to the school, like the urban forest in Sukapura Village, RPTRA, or any other location that is also very clean and beautiful.

However, In practice, students want to make things better. They determined the location of the video clip in Ancol, Bull Field, Monas, Old Town, and Bogor Botanical Garden as well as recreation. This is done because of full awareness and sincerity, especially in financing which is supported and assisted by parents in terms of car transportation and some consumption as a form of support for the implementation of the Pancasila Student Profile Strengthening Project in schools.

This project was carried out as an effort to increase the love of the younger generation for national compulsory songs and preserve folk songs, especially typical of Betawi. The Strengthening Pancasila Student Profile Project wants to shape students to be able to practice Pancasila values in the dimension of cooperation, Independence, creativeness, and critical reasoning.

The results of this project will be made in the form of song albums and can be accessed in various media to share happiness and share good practices. As a follow-up, a project will be carried out with the same theme and title but on a different song title.

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