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Implementation of P5: My School Forest My Responsibility

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Latest information on State High Schools 110 Jakarta is still about the implementation of the Pancasila Student Profile Strengthening Project (P5). On P5 this time, the school raised the theme of Sustainable Lifestyle with the title of the project My School Forest My Responsibility.

As an Independent Adiwiyata National School, one level above the national level, and Champion of Healthy Schools at the DKI Jakarta Provincial level, of course, you must have a commitment in maintaining and preserving, and increasing the title as an Adiwiyata school and the healthy school. Head of State High School 110 always remind and invite school residents to be committed to maintaining the sustainability of Adiwiyata school. In fact, he firmly stated that this commitment is not only due to Adiwiyata in an award but Adiwiyata as an awareness that is in the heart.

P5 sman 110 year 2022

Things that are kept are not only the cleanliness of the classroom, but rather the entire school area, including garden, pool, water fountain, Family medicinal plants (Toga), teak tree, and the green school forest royo-royo. Related school forest, This area is rarely owned by other schools. This School Forest is a concern for the Principal of a Public High School 110 Mr. Sriyono, M.Pd., M.Si., Chairman of the Learning Committee Mr. Fauzan Abdurahman, M.Pd. along with the team, guidance teachers P5, and the students, especially class X, to be able to be cared for and developed, Until finally it became the target of the project with the title My School Forest My Responsibility. This project wants to shape the values of Pancasila in an independent dimension, mutual aid, and creative.

P5 High School 110 year 2022

The School Forest Project is undertaken by 8 (eight) study group of class X students with the main tasks of cleaning the forest, adding the necessary plants, fertilizing plants, Caring for the pond in the school forest area, Decorating the school's forest area with decorative lights, garden lights, make a seat with the creativity of utilizing used items such as car tires, repairing and decorating saunks located in the school forest area, Making decorations from used mineral water bottles, painting of ornate stones, as well as making drawings that correspond to the living conditions in the fish pond. This activity is carried out in several stages with intensive assistance from the project guidance teacher.

P5 High School 110 year 2022

Furthermore, after the formal implementation of the project, class X students are given the responsibility of picketing each day for the creative care or maintenance of the school's forests in various ways. This is a glimpse of information about the Pancasila Student Profile Strengthening Project, furthermore, there will soon be another project to hear the theme, namely Engineering and Technology to build the Republic of Indonesia in the title Project Digitization of Betawi's National and Regional Compulsory Songs. Bravo Sepoeltura Champion, moving towards goals, together applying the values of Pancasila and forming a Pancasila Student Profile.

P5 High School 110 year 2022

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