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Implementation of P5: We Are Proud To Be High School Students 110 and Ready to Realize a Healthy Adiwiyata School

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Implementation of the Pancasila Student Profile Strengthening Project (P5) this time with the theme of Sustainable Lifestyle with the title of the project: “We Are Proud To Be High School Students 110 and Ready to Realize a Healthy Adiwiyata School”. The learning outcomes in this P5 activity are: Realizing independent learners, creative and have the ability to work together through the Pancasila Student Profile Strengthening Project activities (Sustainable Lifestyle). The dimensions targeted at the students are Mutual Cooperation, Self-sufficient, and Creative.

Supervisor Preparation

Mentor Meeting for project preparation and planning

The implementation of this project is an expansion from the previous year, Where the scope of the work area is not only for maintenance in the school forest area, but it already includes a wider school ecosystem. The thing done in this project is to make products from forests by recycling organic waste into fertilizer (Composting), label the plants to subsequently create a QR code containing detailed information about the plants, making communicative products related to activities that have been carried out in print and digital form, as well as a variety of selected products from recycled paper waste.

Socialization of project descriptions and group division

Project socialization and group division

socialization of P5 QR code sman 110

Technical guidance on project activities

The activity began with the introduction/socialization of the project, where students are invited to recognize and build awareness of the theme being studied. Next, group and supervisor arrangements are made, as well as determining the various products that will be worked on by each group. After that, The students received technical guidance regarding product manufacturing information as well as being invited to explore problems in the surrounding environment related to the topic of discussion. Last one, Students create products and are given assessments by supervisors and examiners.

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