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Implementation of Distance Learning (PJJ) at SMAN 110

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The situation of the spread of the Covid-19 virus, which is increasingly worrisome, makes the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta move learning activities that were at school, and are now at home. This is an implementation effort social distancing in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

To support distance learning activities (PJJ), at Public High School 110 using various platforms that are connecting media. With this platform, interaction between teacher and student can take place even though there is no face to face meeting.

Google Classroom SMAN 110

The platform is Google Classroom, Google Form, Whatsapp Group, email (email), Youtube and Instagram social media, Quizizz, serta Zoom Cloud Meeting. As for the description of PJJ implementation in SMAN 110 are as follows.

Teaching and Learning Schedule
Even at home, the implementation of the PJJ is consistent with regular school hours, i.e. it starts at 6.30 s.d. 15.00 PM GMT. The material delivery schedule is governed by the SMAN curriculum field 110.

By using Google Classroom, homeroom teachers attend the attendees every day. Through this application also students can be grouped according to their respective classes.



Student guardians at home are also involved to ensure students continue to learn and run social distancing correctly by coordinating with the homeroom teacher.

student supervision

student supervision

student supervision

Provision of Learning Materials
Each teacher per field of study provides material to students using Google Classroom. The material provided is in the form of a presentation file (PowerPoint) and documents (Word).

Presentation of VAT

PPJ July Sports Presentation

Teachers can also provide learning video links that are on Youtube or from other internet sites.

Discussion and Question and Answer
Interaction in teaching and learning activities is a must because teachers become mediators who can provide understanding to students about the material provided.

Consultation on Google Classroom

Consultation on Google Classroom

Pada platform Google Classroom, in the assignment section there is a comment form which is used as a means of discussion between the teacher and students. other than that, teachers and students also use Whatsapp for learning consultations.

console via WA

Besides interactions via text messages (chat), teachers also implement video interactions in realtime (video conference). The applications used are Zoom Cloudmeeting and Whatsapp Video Call.

Using the Zoom SMAN application 110

Utilization of Whatsapp Video Call

Evaluation and Assignment
Pada platform Google Classroom, there are facilities where students can upload learning outcomes and report them to the teacher.

upload classroom assignments

upload classroom review assignment

For psychomotor project assignments, there are some teachers who use the Youtube platform. Over there, students can upload videos of their work.

The teacher also asks students to utilize their social networking accounts and post the assignments they have given. It is intended that students can use social media positively by publishing content educative ones.


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For evaluation in the form of answering questions, teachers also use Google Form for multiple choice type questions (PG) and short answers. Some teachers also use Quizizz for a more interesting appearance.

Multiple Choice evaluation questions

Daily Activity Report
Teachers report daily activities to the school. Next, the school made the recapitulation and handed over to the School Package Supervisor.

daily reports of SMJ teacher SMEs 110

For activity reports, at Public High School 110 use Google Form which contains various fields about PJJ and the number of participants who responded.

Besides activities with students, teachers also carry out online meeting activities (Online) by utilizing video conferencing technology (Google Meet Jitsi Meet). There the Principal and the teachers jointly evaluate the learning activities that have been carried out so far.

SMAN online meeting 110 video conference

SMAN online meeting 110 video conference

This is a brief description of how PJJ activities are implemented in SMAN 110 Jakarta. Hope this can be an explanation to the general public about the HEIs being practiced in schools. We also hope that this outbreak will soon pass so that all activities can return to normal.

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