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PPDB implementation 2014/2015

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For the general public who want to send their children to SMAN 110, In the following, we explain that the New Student Admission stage (PPDB) school year 2014/2015 will start soon. There are several conditions that you should pay attention to as follows::

Prospective new students residing in DKI Jakarta Province or outside DKI Jakarta Province based on Family Card (KK) which:

  1. study outside DKI Jakarta Province;
  2. graduate before the Academic Year 2013/2014;
  3. Equivalence Education graduates package A / B;

Must do pre-registration starting from 16 – 20 June 2014 in public high school 13 whose address is at Jl. Seroja Kec.Koja No. 1 (phone. 021-4303676). This process is carried out so that the names of the prospective participants above can follow the regular PPDB process.

ppdb online 2014-2015

For students who study in DKI, can directly follow the regular PPDB as usual by registering online ( fill in the data and then students verify at school to get TOKEN. Then, students return to the PPDB website and enter a token to obtain a PIN which will later be used by students to choose the destination school.

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