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In connection with instructions from the Governor of DKI Jakarta regarding social distancing in order to minimize the impact of Covid-19, teaching and learning activities were moved to their respective homes through a mechanism distance learning.

This also impacts on the termination of the implementation of School Exams (US) which still has two days left at SMAN 110. Even so, US was resumed, but still with online implementation (Online) to adhere to the principles social distancing.

At the US launch online this time, activities continued on 8 s.d. 9 April 2020. The participants reported attendance attendance at their homeroom teacher by photographing themselves live using the time and location marker application (stamp).

Next, participants are waiting for the test token to be released at 08.00 every day by the US SMAN Committee 110. Before US starts, to US SMAN organizers 110 have been able to hold short coordination meetings using the Zoom Cloud Meeting app from their respective homes.

SMAN's zoom online meeting 110

Although there were some obstacles during the implementation of the US, but all solutions can be found without any significant obstacles. This is frankly a new experience and a very meaningful learning for teachers and students.

More complete activity photos can be seen at the following link:
Facebook Album SMAN 110

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