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Ceremony implementation 17 August 2015 at SMAN 110 Jakarta

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YEAR 2015

Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings.
Right now we are all gathering, celebrate 70 the year of independence of our beloved nation. Wherever we are, The red and white fluttering proudly. This beloved land breeze caresses the flag cloth and presents our Red and White.

We just finished singing the National Anthem of Indonesia Raya, accompany the flag-raising. A national anthem with a muscular tone, reflects the turbulence of citizenship and its ambition arouses the noble spirit of an independent nation.

The participants of the ceremony are all, let's look carefully at the Red and White who are already at the top of the flagpole. Let's keep in mind. Today, we only need a few minutes to get the Red and White to the top and flutter gracefully.

Let's realize that unlike us today it takes decades for Independence Pioneers to make the Red and White get to the top. A long time that is full of struggle. They spend time, mind, power, even lives so that the Red and White can reach the top and fluttering on the ground spilled our blood.

The flag did not fly because of gifts. The Red Red flag is a reflection of the struggle, he marks the brilliant crystal from the sweat of millions of free humans in this archipelago. A sign that the Motherland has given birth to a generation of Pioneer Pioneers that makes all of us now able to live in a free nature. This independent republic is championed by all components, although the main ideas are shaped and encouraged by educated people, a layer of the people who at that time had the opportunity to get an education. More, independence was conceived and fought not only to overwhelm colonialism. but also to promote welfare, holding social justice for all Indonesian people.

That generation has succeeded brilliantly in rolling colonialism, it is our turn to continue the history of this nation. Mr. President Joko Widodo has confirmed that the warning 70 This year of independence is a reminder and marker for all of us to work harder. On State Speeches in commemoration 70 Republic of Indonesia independence year, Mr. President Joko Widodo reminds us all, all components of the nation, to work for the people work for the country and for the people. We alone are responsible for achieving all the noble goals of independence.

Especially for those of us in the world of education. The responsibility of all of us in the world of education is to complete the effort to educate the nation's life. Education is an important key to our independence, and education is also an important key to the advancement of the nation and to make our nation more than just another nation.. Improve the quality of our education. Educate with all your heart and soul, with great dignity, and with the depth and breadth of knowledge in order to inspire, in order to be an example.

The students I love,

Bung Karno, Bung Hatta, and the Pioneers of Independence are educated young people. They use their knowledge to drive the nation's progress. You young children too, You are well educated and you also have the same opportunity to carve history in this Republic. Study hard, complete and heartfelt Among you will become teachers, writer, cultural practitioner, reporter, businessman, lecturer, musician. doctor. Engineer, hakim, politician, governor, minister, even presidents or other roles that might be unimaginable today and don't even exist yet. It all began with hard work these days, from this classroom bench, and from completing work at this school.

Hope you see the glorious struggle for independence 1945 and Republican travels during 70 This year. You take wisdom from history, then your next task is to make history. You are the future owners, don't wait but forge your personality, develop your achievements, make friends with your friends, respect your parents and teacher, make them your life's spark. Today you are celebrating 70 years of Indonesian independence, please keep in mind that when Indonesia celebrates 100 the year of independence then you are the ones who will lead and manage the journey of this nation. Hurry up, be prepared from now on. Take our Indonesia to the pinnacle of new excellence.

Have a good study, have a good time. Good luck and greetings to all.

longevity Republic of Indonesia …!!

My friends wb wb


Anies Baswedan

For photos of the implementation of the Ceremony 17 August at SMAN 110 Jakarta, you can visit at the following link: write an even semester t.a 110 Jakarta

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