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Inauguration of Paskibra Members at the City and Provincial Level of SMAN Students 110 2021-2022

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Alhamdulillah, praise be to God Almighty. In this August, student representatives from SMAN 110 confirmed as a member of Paskibraka for DKI Jakarta Province and North Jakarta Municipality for a period of 2021-2022.

For DKI Jakarta level, the appointment is made on 13 August 2021, located at City Hall. As for the level of North Jakarta City, the appointment was made on Monday 16 August 2021, located at the North Jakarta Mayor's Office.

SMAN students 110 appointed

  1. Birgita Roscelia Love Sitepu (XI IPA 1) – Provincial level
  2. Rachel Violetta (XI IPB) – City level
  3. Aswin Bagas Saputra (XII IPA 2) – City level
  4. Muhammad Rifan Nur Akmal (XII IPS 1) – City level
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