Class XII Online Release 2021

Disengagement activities are essentially not mandatory activities in high school. However, without this activity, farewell for class XII like something is missing. Therefore on Wednesday, the date 5 May 2021, at Public High School 110 holding release activities for class XII students of the school year 2020-2021.

Like a years ago, in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic, release activities are carried out online (online). All students participated in the event from their respective homes. Although implemented online, students still wear formal uniforms and are also accompanied by their respective parents.

The one who acted as the host of the event was Mr. Nugraha Adi Pratama, S.Pd. and Mrs. Rizky Mutiara, S.Pd.. Also attending the event was the SMA Package Supervisor, Mr Amsir, M.M. and also the Chairman of the SMAN Committee 110, Mr. Timbul Prasubakti, S. Kom..

For the full event, can see the following video

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