Distribution of Even Grade Reports for Class XII Students

At the date of 3 s.d. 9 June 2020 then, high school student 110 held even semester semester report card distribution activities for class XII students in the academic year 2019-2020. In connection with the emergency situation pandemic Covid-19, the activities are still carried out in accordance with the PSBB rules.

So that students do not gather at school, taking a report can only be done by parents / guardians. So that it is not crowded and does not cause people to concentrate, report cards are divided into several sessions in one day. The division starts from o'clock 08.00 s.d. 13.00 WIB.

Before entering the school area, Parents are asked to wash their hands first with hand sanitizer, only then is the body temperature checked. After that, only then can parents queue in the waiting room with regard to distance (physical distancing).

Besides the distribution of report cards, Class XII students also returned the textbooks that had been borrowed from the school. Textbooks are expenditures for school assets, so the user records must be clear. other than that, this textbook will also be reused by juniors.

More complete photos:
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