STEAM Based Learning

In the framework of implementing the Zoning School program, at Public High School 110 have an activity in house training (IHT) STEAM Based Learning (science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) and its implementation in the classroom. Present as a speaker in this activity, Drs. Said Suherman, M.Pd. from SMAN 1. Also present in this activity, High School Package Supervisor, Mrs. Dra. Euis Sulastri, M.Pd..

STAN SMAN training 110 Jakarta Zoning School 2019

The event starts at 12.30 WIB (after the prayer of the Saturn) and took place in the SMAN hall room 110 Jakarta. The activity was opened with a surgical learning implementation plan (RPP) made by the teachers. This is to map where STEAM based learning can be used. Besides that, it was also seen the competence between subjects that had the same KD so that learning collaboration could be carried out.

The activity was held for two days, i.e. date 27 August and 5 September 2019. Besides the teachers at SMAN 110, representatives from the school also attended the IHT this time. They are SMAN 92, at Public High School 83, Tanjung Priok High School, JAC high school, and Yusha High School (two state schools and three private schools). It is expected that after the implementation of IHT, teachers can develop STEM-based learning in their respective schools.

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