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Guidance and Counseling on Fruit Crop Cultivation

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On Wednesday and Thursday, 29-30 September 2010, State High School 110 the arrival of special guests from the North Jakarta Agriculture and Forestry Sub-Department team. Their arrival to high school 110 in the framework of the Guidance and Extension of Fruit Crop Cultivation (productive) as one of the reforestation activities of the North Jakarta Agriculture and Forestry Sub-Department. The team from the Sub-Department consists of the Head of the Agriculture and Forestry Service, Mr. Ir. Jaja Suarja, along with colleagues from the extension team of the North Jakarta Agriculture and Forestry Sub-Department.

bu-aMr. Head of North Jakarta Agriculture and Forestry Sub-dept., Ir. Jaja Suarja, added that Indonesia is famous for the destruction that occurs in its forests. Therefore, the government once launched a program “One Man One Tree” in Indonesia. The point is to overcome global warming that is happening right now. “Earth warming can only be solved by planting trees”, he said.

Next Mr. Burhani, from the Agriculture and Forestry Sub-Department, explained that fruit plants are not just plants that produce (mango, guava, jackfruit, etc), but also can be at the same time a protective plant and reforestation. For high school 110, Mango trees are the choice to be planted during this visit from the Agriculture and Forestry Sub-Department.

Towards the afternoon, The event was then closed with the planting of mango trees by the North Jakarta Department of Agriculture and Forestry and students from SMA Negeri 110 Jakarta. The initial tree donation from the service was in the form of 40 mango and guava trees to be planted in the area around the school area.




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