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North Jakarta Kasudin Guidance at SMAN 110

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Chief of Service (Kasudin) North Jakarta Dr. H. Supriyatin SY, M.M.

On Monday, 6 April 2015 then, at Public High School 110 visited by the Chief of Service (Kasudin) North Jakarta, Dr. H. Supriyatin SY, M.M.

The presence of Mr. Kasudin is a routine coaching event to schools. Also present at the event was the district superintendent's mother 110 and the Head Section of the Kancam Section in the Koja region.

In the event Kasudin explained how the diverse backgrounds of the North Jakarta area were always considered to have an influence on the low scores of the National Examination (UN). He wants the quality of education in the North Jakarta area to improve.

high school hall 110Therefore, Kasudin hopes that teachers must be able to improve their abilities and qualifications in order to motivate students to get good results in the implementation of the national examination later. Qualified teachers can improve student learning outcomes by providing good learning motivation.

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