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Election of Deputy Principals 2014

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Alhamdulillah, Praise be to God Almighty. Today the election for the vice principal of the school has been going on (wakasek) new to public high school 110 Jakarta. This election must be made because the term of the previous representatives has ended (2010-2014).


Located in the hall of SMAN 110, the event was attended by the teacher council and carried out by the committee of administration. The event starts at 10.00 until 14.15 (after pausing Friday prayers at 12.00).

Before starting the election, prospective candidates (balloon) Wakasek was given the opportunity to give a presentation about their vision and mission in the future. After that, the participants were given the opportunity to choose a wakasek balloon that would become a new wakasek.

From the election event, at Public High School 110 has acquired four names that will replace / continuing the period of the previous wakasek. These names are:

  1. Drs. Lamia
  2. Drs. Sri Widodo
  3. Drs. Djarot Setianto Utomo
  4. Drag. Susilowati

The new wakasek will continue the management of school management starting in the year 2014 to 2017 future.

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