Contract signing 2020 for Teachers and Students

In connection with the invitation from the Dinas (Sudin) North Jakarta Education area 2, teachers and contract education personnel from SMAN 110 visited the building of SDN Tugu Utara 22. Over there, teachers and tendik sign annual contracts for tenure 2020 future.

signature of SK KKI 2020

From SMAN 110, total teacher force as much 22 people from various fields of subjects and education staff as much 9 person, consisting of administrative staff, librarian, messenger, and school caretakers. This activity starts at 7.30 morning s.d. done.

Before starting the signing process, The contract workers were briefed by the Head of the JU Education Sub-Department 2, Mr. Abdul Rachem in the PKG room. After being briefed for more or less 30 minute, the contract workers did the signing in each classroom.

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