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Unisba Accepted Alquran memorizer without test

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Bandung Islamic University (Unisba) open new admissions pathways without tests for as many prospective students who memorize the Koran 30 juzz.


“Prospective students who memorize 30 Juzz Alquran can enter Unisba by following the Tahfidz Qur`an path, without the entrance exam test,” said Deputy Chancellor for Academic Affairs Unisba, Prof. Edi Setiadi, in Bandung, Tuesday.

Students admitted through this route also receive tuition-free facilities for a period of five years. Those who are interested in entering Unisba using the Tahfidz Qur`an route can register at the Unisba campus. “Please come here by heart 30 We will test the Juzz later,” said Edi.

Apart from memorizing the Koran, There are two other routes that Unisba opened, namely the Interest and Talent Tracking path (PMDK) and regular admission via written examinations. Edi said, PMDK pathway is implemented with the criteria for ranking 10 great in class, as well as the average grade report card 7 from class 1 until class 3.

As for the entrance screening exam (USM), implemented in three waves. The first wave of April, the second of July, and the third of August. PMDK is also implemented by two other private universities, namely Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) and Pasundan University (Unpas).

“We use two routes to enter here, namely through PMDK and testing or through exams,” said the Head of the Pasundan University Student Affairs Administration Bureau (Unpas) Darodjat.

Darodjat said, for PMDK is done by tracing to schools, looking for students who excel and will be immediately accepted without taking the test. For the exam path, the college held three waves, June, July, August.

Public Relations of Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) Reno Margiantoro said, The college uses three entry pathway programs, namely through PMDK, entrance screening exam (USM), and joint entrance tests.

However, the ones that most absorb prospective students are from the two entry routes through PMDK and USM. USM held three waves; January, May, and July.

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Published on 19/01/2010   |   Writing categories Scholarship Info