Commemoration of Kartini's Day 2019

Commemorate Kartini's Day 2019 this time, at Public High School 110 holding various competition activities that are beneficial to students. The activity is a monologue competition, poetry readings, short film competition, digital poster making competition, and fashion shows with district special costumes.

Kartini's day 2019 at Public High School 110 Jakarta

Before it started, KBM continues until the fourth hour, namely o'clock 09.30 WIB. After that, held the opening ceremony of the event with the supervising inspector of the Head of SMAN 110, Ms. Tuti Maryati, M.Pd.. In the ceremony, Ms. Tuti Maryati, M.Pd. also at the same time opening up the activity symbolically.

After finishing the opening apples, various competitions were held in various areas in SMAN 110. Poetry Contest, poster digital, and monologues were performed in the classrooms at SMAN 110. For the county dress fashion competition, activities are carried out in the field within the school.

Competition activities take place up to. o'clock 14.30 WIB. After that, the students collectively clean up the rubbish that was used for the activity. Ahead of the Ashar call, the students have been allowed to return to their homes.

Photos of the activity can be seen at the following link:
Facebook Album SMAN 110

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