Islamic New Year's Celebration 1441 Hijri at SMAN 110

In commemoration of the Islamic new year 1441 Hijri, at Public High School 110 held several Islamic competition activities. The activity will be held on Friday, the date 6 September 2019 and starting in the morning. These activities are Islamic quiz (CCI), dai, azan, and recite.

muharram 2019 at Public High School 110

Because of the many activities, each competition is held in various places in the SMAN environment 110, such as classrooms and Masjid Miftahul Ulum SMAN 110. In the afternoon after Friday prayers, activities continued with a lecture by Ustad Agus Baitul Khoiri at the school mosque.

For non-Muslim students, they were gathered in the SMAN hall 110 to gain spiritual construction. After hit 15.00 WIB, all students leave school to return home.

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