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PPDB 2014 in public high school 110

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Alhamdulillah, our gratitude to God YME for implementing the New Learner Admission process (PPDB) 2014 in public high school 110 Jakarta. Even though it has a lot of differences compared to the mechanics of previous years, PPDB process this time went smoothly.

Some things that can be observed on PPDB 2014 is:

  1. All selection is done by the system. Students register and operators verify. Furthermore, the system will process the ranking of students in public high schools 110. So, The selection process in schools is ensured to take place in an open and fair manner.
  2. The registration process has also involved the selection of majors. So, The school does not conduct a matriculation test to determine the majors of students who have been accepted.
  3. The PPDB process takes place in three (3) Step, i.e. general stage, local stage, and levels 3 general.
  4. From the results of the selection that has been made, High school 110 have class X rombel as follows:
    – MY (Mathematics and Natural Sciences) 3 class
    – IIS (Social Sciences) 4 class
    IBB (Language and Culture) 1 class


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