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SMAN curriculum 110

Mobilization School is a pilot school selected to implement the Independent Curriculum. This is one of the government's efforts to restore the world of education due to the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Ministry of Education issued a policy that schools that are not ready to use the independent curriculum can still use the curriculum 2013 as a basis for learning management. In year 2022, State High School 110 deemed ready to implement the Independent Curriculum.

independent curriculum driving schools

The Merdeka Curriculum is a curriculum with diverse intracurricular learning where the content will be more optimal so that students have enough time to explore concepts and strengthen competencies. The Merdeka curriculum will focus on essential materials, character development, and learner competencies. In this curriculum, there is a project to strengthen the achievement of the Pancasila student profile which is developed based on certain themes by the government.

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