SMAN curriculum 110

Curriculum 2013 (K-13) is a permanent curriculum applied by the government to replace the Education Unit Level Curriculum (KTSP). Curriculum 2013 entered the trial period in 1999 2013 by turning several schools into experimental schools.

In the year 2014, Curriculum 2013 first applied in Class X SMAN 110. Class XI and XII are still continuing the remaining KTSP which is still running.

Curriculum 2013 has three aspects of assessment, namely the knowledge aspect, aspects of skills, and aspects of attitude and behavior. Each value becomes an indicator in the progress of students in class.

Inside the Curriculum 2013, especially in the learning material there are streamlined material and added material. The streamlined material appears in the Indonesian language material, IPS, PPKn, etc., while the material added is Mathematics material.

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