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State High School 110

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History of SMAN 110

State High School (at Public High School) 110 Jakarta is located between a fairly dense residential area with an address at Jalan Bendungan Melayu No 80, Tugu Selatan Village, Koja Subdistrict, Kodya North Jakarta. To get to this high school, first have to pass through traditional markets and residential areas which are quite busy.

SPG period
Previous, the existence of SMAN 110 begins with the establishment of the Teacher Education School (SPG) year 1972 under the leadership of Drs H P Harahap, having his address at Jalan Mahoni 44, Koja Subdistrict, North Jakarta. Two years later, namely the year 1974, SPG, which had a private status, became filial, namely SPG 2 Subsidiary. New year 1978, SPG 2 Filial obtained independent status to become SPG 4 Jakarta.

Along with his status which has become SPG stand, Public interest in entering SPG in North Jakarta is increasing. On that basis, the teachers under the leadership of Bpk Drs H P Harahap together with related agencies are looking for land for the development of a new school building.

Year 1979 SPG new building development 4 starting in the Plumpang area of ​​North Jakarta with a land area of ​​22,500m and 23 study room complete with other supporting facilities.

Early High School Period
Entering the year 1982, SPG changed its function to SMA and all school activities were centered on Jalan Bendungan Melayu, Plumpang, North Jakarta, which is pretty cool, quiet because away from the noise. However, there are still obstacles that are quite bumpy, namely the inadequate entrance from the highway to the school.

Period 1990-on
Through the various struggles of Mr. Drs AY Gino Mahyohadi, M.Pd., high school leader 110, the old one-story building was renovated into a new floor building 3 in 3 stages consisting of 19 classrooms and other facilities with a clear mission and vision with an emphasis on quality improvement.

Period 2000-on
Continuing the struggle of Mr. Rs H Slamet Prawirohartono, M.M., besides continuing the program designed by the previous principal, in quality improvement, he wanted a clean school, shady, secure, and comfortable, have an increase in human resources, and controlling school administration.

Thanks to the hard work of all the components of the school, starting the school year 2003-2004 at Public High School 110 Jakarta was appointed as the North Jakarta Featured School by achieving an A accreditation.

Next period 2005-2007, This school is led by Mrs. Dra. Maria Gunarwati M.Pd. Apart from continuing the program that had been designed by Mr Drs. H. Slamet Prawirodiharjo, M.M., he also tried to improve the quality of high school human resources 110 namely by holding IT and English language training.

Next period, 2007-2008 led by Dra. H. Nuraini M.Pd. He continued the previous program. His period is very short, less than 1 year, so that there are not many activities that he had time to do.

Year 2008 s.d. 2010, at Public High School 110 led by Mrs. Dra. A Heraena S., M.M. Apart from continuing the previous program, he developed art activities as well as facilities and infrastructure, especially the use of 7K (Order, Security, Cleanliness, Beauty, Family, Shade, Health).

Period 2010-on
Year 2010, Mrs. Dra. Een Heraena was replaced by Mrs. Dra. Tuti Rahmani who continued the various programs that had been made previously. Currently high school 110 continue with A accreditation status with satisfactory grades. All thanks to the struggle and support of the people at the Public High Schools 110.

In June 2013, the position of Mrs. Dra. Tuti Rahmani, M.Pd, replaced by Mr Drs. Suharsono, M.M. to coincide with the implementation of the graduation year 2013 State High School 110. Less than a year during his leadership at high school 110 but many things have been done, such as perfecting the construction of a school mosque ablution place, construction of the teacher's parking roof, and the implementation of Zuhr prayers in congregation.

Year 2014, at Public High School 110 led by Mrs. Dra. Ida Hidayah who replaced Mr. Drs. H. Suharsono, M.M. to coincide with the school graduation event. Mrs. Dra. Ida Hidayah is the winner of the selection of the Principal, which is the current policy of the Governor of DKI.

History of School Change:

  1. January 1972 - December 1977 : SPG II Filial 2 Jl Mahogany 44 lagoon
  2. January 1978 - June 1991 : SPG 4
  3. July 1989 - December 1991 : SMA Baru ex SPG 4
  4. January 1992 : High school 110
  5. July 1995 : High school 110
  6. January 2003 : High school 110

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