Even Semester Early Meeting 2017-2018

As usual every time they enter the beginning of a new semester, at Public High School 110 hold an office meeting at the beginning of the semester. Entering the full semester of the school year 2017-2018, The beginning of the semester meeting was held in the hall of SMAN 110 Jakarta and was attended by all teachers and board members. Also present in the meeting, SMA package supervisor Mrs. Dra. Hj. wrapping NEW, M.Pd.

In this meeting, There are lots of input and suggestions that have been successfully summarized. Ibu Sarmayani emphasized the importance of teachers following national education standards in the learning process. This is to maintain the quality standards of learning carried out by teachers. Additional from Mrs. Romlah is, apart from following national standards, teachers must also be willing to develop themselves so that they can display innovations in teaching and learning activities.

Apart from about teaching and learning activities, meetings also discuss the various opportunities to come, including the development of student OSN achievements and school preparation in order to become an independent Adiwiyata school. For OSN, supervisors have been prepared for each field. Adiwiyata has discussed the weaknesses in school and their discussion.

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