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Coordination Meeting with School Supervisors during WFH

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On Friday, the date 17 April 2020, at Public High School 110 holding a coordination meeting on distance learning activities (PJJ) which has been done at SMAN 110. Meeting activities are held online using the Zoom teleconferencing application. This activity is followed by all the teachers, the employee, Headmaster, and High School Package Supervisor, Mrs. Dra. Euis Sulastri, M.Pd..

SMAN teleconference 110 during WFH

The event was opened with remarks by the Principal of SMAN 110, Ms. Tuti Maryati, M.Pd., and continued with a report of PJJ activities to Mrs. Euis. Next, Ibu Euis gives directions to the Principal and Teachers to also pay attention to the condition of students, do they have any constraints related to the need for a smartphone and internet connection.

Mrs. Euis also reminded that the implementation of the National Examination (UN) is eliminated so that students only receive a diploma containing the processed school examination scores (US) and the average report card score 6 semester. Students also no longer receive SHUN.

head of SMAN 110 teleconferencing

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