Goods Data Collection Meeting at SMAN 110

On Wednesday, the date 5 December 2018, all teachers and employees gathered in the hall room. On that occasion, The teachers and employees were briefed by the Head of Administration for SMAN 110, Drs. Tatang Sutisna, M.M. on the process of recording and accumulating school assets (inventory).

Next, Pak Sa'dullah as input of various asset data that had been found into the online goods inventory system (online) provide technical direction and explanation regarding the criteria for goods that must be inventoried. So, not all items must be recorded, only based on the specified criteria.

There are various challenges in this inventory process. Data collection has been carried out since the year 2001, where there will be many items that are degraded and seriously damaged. The existence of these heavily damaged items is difficult to find because they are usually destroyed or thrown away.

After the question and answer process, teachers and employees will try to identify and record various completeness items in the school. We really hope for the support and cooperation of all parties for the smooth process of this inventory process.

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