Meeting to Determine the Approval Criteria T.A. 2020-2021

On Wednesday, the date 3 April 2021 then, at Public High School 110 held online meeting activities to determine the graduation criteria for class XII students of the school year 2020-2021. This activity was attended by all SMAN teachers 110 from their respective homes. The online meeting starts at exactly the clock 13.00 s.d. 15.00 WIB.

meeting to determine the passing criteria 2021 Public High School 110

The activity opened with a welcome by the Principal, Ms. Tuti Maryati, M.Pd. and continued with the display of the Deputy Principal of Curriculum Areas, Lindawati's mother, S.Si.. In the meeting it was decided that students must obtain a minimum grade for each subject 55, while the average score of all subjects is minimal 60.

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