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MPLS Preparation Meeting T.A. 2020-2021

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Introduction to the School Environment (MPLS) is an annual routine activity carried out by each school. Connected still in PSBB situation, this activity will certainly be very different compared to MPLS that has been carried out from year to year.

MPLS meeting 2020-2021

Therefore on Wednesday, the date 8 July 2020 then, at Public High School 110 held a limited meeting of the committee and Homeroom Class X class students 2020-2021 in the SMAN hall room 1110. This is to discuss technical issues in how MPLS will be implemented in the future.

Based on the rules of the government, MPLS cannot be implemented in schools that result in mass accumulation. The consequence is that MPLS activities must be carried out online (Online) and the participants carried it out from their homes.

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