Lively National Education Day 2020 at Public High School 110 Jakarta

Welcoming the National Education Day 2020, the SMAN students 110 sending various creative works in the form of hand drawers and digital posters containing various educational slogans. Besides posters, students also send literacy works in the form of short stories and poetry. The plan, these works will be recorded as school documentation.

hardiknas 2020 at Public High School 110

The National Education Day celebration this time also felt different compared to previous years. This is because the process of teaching and learning activities (KBM) practiced at home through distance learning (PJJ), in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only students, teachers and employees also participated in enlivening the National Education Day by sending various works.

Some Posters of High School Students' Work 110

Some Poems from High School Students 110

Choir Team Collaboration Singing Mars Song Compulsory Education

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