National Seminar on Becoming a Meaningful BK Teacher in the Industrial Age 4.0

At the date of 9 January 2019, Mrs. Sri Aprilyanti Kartina Susiwi, S.Pd., State Senior High School BK teacher 110, become a committee in the National Seminar with the theme “Becoming a Meaningful BK Teacher in the Industrial Era 4.0”. The activity was carried out at Graha A Building, Ministry of Education and Culture, Senayan, Central Jakarta.

This activity was attended by the Minister of Education, Prof. Dr. Muhajir Effendi, M.A.P, Director General of GTK Kemdikbud Mr. Dr. Supriano, M.Ed, and Chairman of ABKIN, Mr. Dr. Fahrozin. Various participants from each province throughout Indonesia also attended as participants.

The event lasts for 4 day, until closing on 11 January 2019. Apart from seminars, Workshop was also held, as well as the Inauguration and Rakernas for the IBKS management (School Guidance and Counseling Association). On the last day, the event was closed by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Mr. Dr. Didik Suhardi, Ph.D.

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