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Beautiful Smile in Telaga Sepultura

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Tuti Maryati SMA Negeri 110

Memoir for Mrs. Tuti Maryati

The smell of wet soil wafted between the slender trunks of mango trees and twisted by a gust of wind like a body as it could and full of charm.. The clatter of pool water can be heard melodiously blending with the singing of birds with fish and turtles from inside the pond.. It all feels so beautiful and charming. As if everyone wants to accompany your steps and smiles…

The mother we care about,
your smile removes our thirst
your smile erases our lara
your smile medicine misses us
Your smile is our joy
Your smile motivates us
Your smile is our spirit
Your smile is our asa
Your smile … .
Your smile … .
Your smile … .

Your smile is always beautiful for us

Mother... Keep smiling even remotely... accompany the Young Eagles to keep flying wider and higher by carrying the Sepultura flag.

We hope that You are always healthy and full of blessings and more successful in the new place of duty.. Aamiin

We who have always loved and missed you,

Jakarta, Monday 6 September 2021
Haryati M.M.

Published on 06/09/2021   |   Writing categories Teacher's Writings and Works